Literature Wonderland Illustration Commission

Literature Wonderland Illustration Commission
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My Illustration, ‘Literature Wonderland’ has recently been published in The National Newspaper, Abu Dhabi.

During Ramadan The National Newspaper wanted to promote 20 classic books that could be read, whilst escaping the heat.

My brief was to create an illustration featuring these 20 classic books.

Since it was published I received this wonderful feedback…

I am an art gallery curator from Muscat, Oman.

You don’t know me but I decided to look you up to tell you something I stumbled upon your beautiful work entitled ‘Literature Wonderland’ that got published in the National a few days ago.

I am writing to you to stay that I have never, till date, seen a piece of work that is so vibrant and rich as much as much as your little masterpiece did.I instantly fell for it and it just demanded my attention and I never resisted.

I am going to have it framed and hanged in my office to look at it everyday. It almost forces you to escape to a more beautiful and magical world and abandon reality. It brings the child in me and makes me happy.

Very good job and I look forward to seeing new works done by you in the future!

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